Shabbat Afternoon

Postkarte nach einem Gemälde von Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, The National Library of Israel

​The picture on the postcard portrays a Jewish family resting and studying in the dining room on Shabbat afternoon. Both the mother and father have books open and are studying. The grandfather appears to be sleeping, while the child stands nearby reading some papers. Their clothing, the decor, and their activities indicate an affluent, cultured, and intellectual family. The text on the bottom of the postcard is in German and includes the title of the picture, Shabbat Afternoon, and information about the origin of this image, namely, “After the original painting of Prof. M. Oppenheim.” This postcard was printed around 1904 and, as mentioned in the title, it is based on a picture by Moritz Oppenheim, which was originally in black and white and included another figure.

The National Library of Israel, Resource Information